PLH Full Form & Meaning | What Does PLH Stand For?

What is PLH, what is the meaning of PLH, PLH full form, what does PLH stand for, what is the full form of PLH? Expand the full name of PLH. What does PLH stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding PLH including what does PLH stand for.

What Does PLH Stand For?

There are multiple possible full forms and meanings of PLH that we will know further in this article. However the most used and widely recognized full form of PLH is

Pay Load Handling

Yes, you read it absolutely right. PLH stands for Pay Load Handling.

What is The Meaning of PLH?

The meaning of PLH is Pay Load Handling. This term is widely used across the world and you should know the full form and meaning of PLH.

Other Full Forms of PLH

Short Form/AbbreviationFull Form/Definition
PLHPotato Leafhopper (insect)
PLHPublic Lands Highways
PLHPeace, Love and Happiness
PLHPlan Local d’Habitat (French)
PLHPolska Liga Hokejowa (Polish Hockey League)
PLHProject for Latino Health
PLHPlymouth, England, United Kingdom – Plymouth Airport (Airport Code)
PLHPharyngeal Lymphoid Hyperplasia
PLHPretty Little Head
PLHProgramme Locaux de l’Habitat (French: Local Housing Program)
PLHPayload Handling
PLHPalace of the Legion of Honor (San Francisco)
PLHPray Like Hell
PLHPurely Left-Handed (metamaterials)
PLHParking Lot Heroes (Las Vegas, NV)

Wrapping Up

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