WC Full Form & Meaning | What Does WC Stand For?

What is WC, what is the meaning of WC, WC full form, what does WC mean, what is the full form of WC? Expand full name of WC. What does WC stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding WC including WC full form.

WC Full Form in Job Title

War Correspondent

A War Correspondent is a journalist who covers stories first-hand from a war zone. They were also called special correspondents. War correspondents’ jobs bring them to the most conflict-ridden parts of the world.

Other Full Forms of WC

Full FormCategoryTerm
Whitten CenterMedicalWC
Wind CurrentMilitary and DefenceWC
WADHWAN CITYIndian Railway StationWC
Water ColumnMeteorologyWC
Web CorrespondentJob TitleWC
Women’s CoalitionOrganizationWC
Wood CuttingJob TitleWC
Wisconsin Central LimitedRegional RailroadWC
World CentricOrganizationWC
Water ContentLaboratoryWC
Westwood ClayEarth ScienceWC
Wall ClockBusinessWC
Working CertificateVeterinaryWC
Worst CaseBusinessWC
Wire ConnectorElectronicsWC
With CaseBusinessWC
Wild CaughtVeterinaryWC
Waldwick CrossoverElectronicsWC
World CoordinatesMeasurement UnitWC
weather centerGovernmentWC
Weapons CarrierMilitary and DefenceWC
Wrapper CompilerSoftwaresWC
Won’t CommitSportsWC
Working ClassUS GovernmentWC
weapon controlGovernmentWC
Who CaresInternet SlangWC
Weighted CountMeasurement UnitWC
Washroom CleanerJob TitleWC
WeChatInternet SlangWC
World ChampionSportsWC
World CupSportsWC
Western CapeRegionalWC
Wordsworth CentreOrganizationWC
Wing ChunSportsWC
Whipped CreamFoodWC
Wonderful CompanionJob TitleWC
Worship CenterReligiousWC
Wild CardSportsWC
War CorrespondentJob TitleWC
World ClassSportsWC
warning, command, control and communicationsGovernmentWC
Water CosolventChemistryWC
West CentralRegionalWC
World CareOrganizationWC
World CampOrganizationWC
Window CleanerJob TitleWC
Wrong ConversationInternet SlangWC
Wild CatSportsWC
Water Closet (bathroom)Real EstateWC
Wildlife CompanionsOrganizationWC
Wing CommanderBusiness PositionWC
WelcomeInternet SlangWC
Water ClosetCommunityWC
Walking CarpetReal EstateWC
Wyvern CourtMedicalWC
Word CountMediaWC
Work CenterBusinessWC
Wire CenterNetworkingWC
Women’s CollegeUniversityWC
weapons controllerGovernmentWC
Will CallPhysiologyWC
without charge, 6GovernmentWC
Workers CompensationBusiness PositionWC
WildCareNon-Profit OrganizationWC
Women for ChangeOrganizationWC
With ColorLawWC
Weapon ClassMilitary and DefenceWC
Water Closet (toilet)Real EstateWC

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