WBU Full Form & Meaning | What Does WBU Stand For?

What is WBU, what is the meaning of WBU, WBU full form, what does WBU mean, what is the full form of WBU in Internet slang? Expand full name of WBU. What does WBU stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding WBU including WBU full form.

WBU Full Form

World Boxing Union

The World Boxing Union (WBU) is a boxing sanctioning body. The original WBU was founded in January 1995 by IBF European representative Jon W. Robinson. It sanctioned boxing with various promoters worldwide.

Other Full Forms of WBU

Warner Brothers Studios UniversityUniversityWBU
What ‘Bout YouTextingWBU
World Boxing UnionSportsWBU
Wayland Baptist UniversityUniversityWBU
Boulder (co)Airport CodeWBU
World Buddhist UniversityUniversityWBU
World Broadcasting UnionMediaWBU
Work Between UpdatesComputingWBU
World Blind UnionInternet SlangWBU

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