UVT Full Form | What Does UVT Stand For?

What is UVT, what is the meaning of UVT, UVT full form, what does UVT mean, what is the full form of UVT, What is the full form of UVT in NASA & Space Science? Expand the full name of UVT. What does UVT stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding UVT including UVT full form.

UVT Full Form in Space Science

Ultra Violet Transmittance

UV Transmittance, also known as Ultra Violet Transmittance, refers to the percentage of light that passes through a water sample at the wavelength of 254 nm. UVT relates to the organics, colloidal solids, and suspended particles that absorb and scatter this UV light wavelength.

Other Full Forms of UVT

Full FormCategoryTerm
Upper Ventricular TachycardiaPhysiologyUVT
Ultra-violet TransmittingElectronicsUVT
McAfee VirusScan for UnixComputer SoftwareUVT
Universal Venturi TubeElectronicsUVT
Ultra- Violet TransmittanceOcean ScienceUVT
Ultra- Violet TransmittingNASAUVT
Upper Ventricular TachicardiaPhysiologyUVT

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