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What is TV, what is the meaning of TV, TV full form, what does TV mean, what is the full form of TV? Expand the full name of TV. What does TV stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding TV.

TV - Tele Vision

Television is an electronic device that is used mainly as a medium of entertainment. It is a gadget that shows TV projects and films, with a showcase screen and speakers.

TV Full Form in Domain Names


".tv" is a top level domain (TLD) for Tuvalu country as ".in" is for India, ".us" is for the United States, and ".uk" is for the United Kingdom.

TV Full Form in Engineering Drawing

Top View

This term is mainly used in Engineering Drawing to refer to the top view of a drawing.

TV Full Form in Finance/Investment

Term Value

Term Value (TV) is the estimation of any venture toward the finish of the speculation time frame.

TV Full Form in Economics

Time Value

Time value (TV) is the difference between the option price and the intrinsic value.

TV Full Form in Biology

Tidal Volume

Tidal volume (TV or VT) is the amount of air transferred into or out of the lungs during quiet breathing.

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