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What is TOA, what is the meaning of TOA, TOA full form, what does TOA mean, what is the full form of TOA? Expand full name of TOA. What does TOA stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

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TOA Full Form in Physics

Time of Arrival

Time of Arrival (TOA or ToA) is the absolute time instant when a radio signal emanating from a transmitter reaches a remote receiver. The time span elapsed since the time of transmission (TOT or ToT) is the time of flight (TOF or ToF).

Other Full Forms of TOA

Full FormCategoryTerm
Tetracyclic Oxindole AlkaloidChemistryTOA
Teach One AnotherEducationTOA
Texas Oncology AbileneMedicalTOA
Tangent Of AnMathematicsTOA
Take-off AngleElectronicsTOA
Time Of ArrivalMilitaryTOA
Transportation Operating AgencyMilitaryTOA
Torrance (ca)Airport CodeTOA
Tetracyclic Oxindole AlkaloidsPhysiologyTOA
Tail Of The ArrowMediaTOA
Trials Of AscensionReligiousTOA
Total Obligation AuthorityMilitaryTOA
Texas Oncology AmarilloMedicalTOA
Transporte Oruga AcorazadoSpanishTOA
Transfer Of AuthorityMilitaryTOA
Total Operating AssetsAccountingTOA
Top Of AtmosphereMeteorologyTOA
Trade-off AnalysisMilitary and DefenceTOA
Trade-Off AnalysisMilitaryTOA
Time Off AwardAward or MedalTOA
Table Of AuthoritiesMediaTOA
Table of AllowanceMilitary and DefenceTOA
Terre Ocean-AtmosphereOcean ScienceTOA
Take- Off AngleElectronicsTOA
The Opportunity AgendaOrganizationTOA
The One AtOncologyTOA

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