THT Full Form & Meaning | What Does THT Stand For?

What is THT, what is the meaning of THT, THT full form, what does THT mean, what is the full form of THT in Networking? Expand full name of THT. What does THT stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding THT including THT full form.

THT Full Form in Networking

Token Holding Time

The maximum time a token frame can be held by a station is known as Token Holding Time (THT), by default, it is set to 10msec. No station can hold the token beyond THT.

THT Full Form in Healthcare (US)

Texas Healthcare Trustees

Texas Healthcare Trustees (THT) is a non-profit organization providing hospital and health care board members with the premiere, affordable education, training, and resources they need to successfully lead their organization.

Other Full Forms of THT

Tamchakett airportRegional Airport CodeTHT
Terrance Higgins TrustNon-Profit OrganizationTHT
The Hive TyrantsFunnyTHT
Total Handling TimeTelecommunicationTHT
TamchakettAirport CodeTHT
Two Hole TransitionElectronicsTHT
Token Holding TimeComputer NetworkingTHT
TodHunter International, Inc. of DelawareAMEX SymbolTHT
Testa, Hurwitz, & Thibeault, LLP.Business FirmTHT
Town House ToursBusiness FirmTHT
Truly High TechnologyComputer HardwareTHT
The Higher TechnologyBusiness FirmTHT
The Health TrustOrganizationTHT
Tamchackett, MauritaniaRegional Airport CodeTHT
Tables Have TurnedMediaTHT
Through-Hole TechnologyElectronicsTHT

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