STR Full Form & Meaning | What Does STR Stand For?

What is STR, what is the meaning of STR, STR full form, what does STR mean, what is the full form of STR? Expand full name of STR. What does STR stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding STR including STR full form.

STR Full Form

Short Term Relationship

As the name implies, Short Term Relationship is dating without the intention of developing the relationship into a long-term partnership. There are many different configurations of short-term dating including a friends-with-benefits situation, a vacation-only fling, and a relationship lasting for a few months

Other Full Forms of STR

Suspicious Transaction ReportBankingSTR
Synchronous Transmitter/RecieverTelecommunicationSTR
Short Tandem RepeatsNetworkingSTR
Send Terminate-RequestNetworkingSTR
System Test ReviewSpace ScienceSTR
Southern Tropical RegionCountry-SpecificSTR
StuttgartAirport CodeSTR
Store Task RegisterComputer Assembly LanguageSTR
Short Term RentalsReal EstateSTR
Season Ticket RenewalSportsSTR
StrengthMilitary and DefenceSTR
Software Trouble ReportMilitary and DefenceSTR
Separation Transformation ReintegrationMilitary and DefenceSTR
Software Testing RegimensMilitary and DefenceSTR
Surplus To RequirementsMilitary and DefenceSTR
Shoot The RusskieMilitary and DefenceSTR
Suspend To RamSoftwaresSTR
Sahpa Test ResultSoftwaresSTR
Statistical ReportsSoftwaresSTR
Software Test ReportSoftwaresSTR
Statistical Report ApplicationSoftwaresSTR
SATARAIndian Railway StationSTR
Sony Tough ReceiverElectronicsSTR
Synchronous Transmitter RecieverElectronicsSTR

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