STC Full Form | What is STC?

What is STC, what is the meaning of STC, STC full form, what does STC mean, what is the full form of STC? Expand the full name of STC. What does STC stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding STC.

STC Full Form in MPEB - Society for Technical Communication

Society for Technical Communication (STC) is a non-profit membership organization that is devoted to promoting all aspects of technical communication.

STC Full Form in Computer

Standard Test Conditions

STC Full Form in Service Tax

Service Tan Code

It is a 15 digit code/number that is allotted to the assessee at the time of Service Tax Registration. It is unique and can never be the same for others.

STC Full Form in Business/Companies

Sardine Transport Company | Satellite Television Corporation | Satyam Technology Centre | Saudi Telecom Company | Stewart Title of California

STC Full Form in Internet Slang (Chat)

Subject To Change

STC Full Form in Aviation

Supplemental Type Certificate

STC Full Form in Law & Legal Affairs

Summary Trial Case

STC Full Form in Sound

Sound Transmission Class

It is the estimation used to figure the viability of soundproofing materials in diminishing sound transmission between rooms. STC is estimated generally by the decibel decrease in clamor a material/parcel can give, truncated 'dB'.

STC Full Form in Shipping

Said To Contain

Said to Contain (STC) is an expression utilized by the transportation organization in the Bill of Lading while portraying the products stacked locally available a maritime vessel in fixed compartments or trailers and for which the delivery organization makes the essential reservations regarding the right substance of those stacking units.

STC Full Form in Medical

Sodium TauroCholate | Shock Trauma Center | Serum Theophylline Concentration | Serum Theophylline Concentrations

STC Full Form in Banking

State Trading Corporation

Other Known/Possible Full Forms of STC

Full FormCategoryTerm
State Trading Corporation of India LimitedMiniratna Central Public Sector EnterpriseSTC
Sub-Technical Committee (ETSI)Computer and NetworkingSTC
Signaling Transport ConverterTelecommunicationSTC
Software Technology CenterSoftwaresSTC
Standard Test ConditionsSoftwaresSTC
SANTA CRUZIndian Railway StationSTC
Sound Transmission CoefficientElectronicsSTC
Sensitivity Time ControlElectronicsSTC
Spacecraft Test ConductorSpace ScienceSTC
Standard Test ConfigurationSpace ScienceSTC
Systems Test ComplexSpace ScienceSTC
Satellite Test CenterSpace ScienceSTC
Student Technology ConsultantJob TitleSTC
Saint Cloud (mn)Airport CodeSTC

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