SSP Full Form | What is SSP in Police?

SSP Full Form

The full form of SSP (SSP full form) is “Senior Superintendent of Police“. SSP is a senior officer, who is older than SP. This is a respectable post, in which people are given good salary along with respect.

What is SSP?

The person acquiring the post of SSP is a Senior Superintendent of Police. In India, metropolitan, highly populated or Naxalite affected districts are called a Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP).

Superintendents of Police are mostly officers of the Indian Police Service. They have more powers to maintain law and order and related issues of a district of a state or union territory of India.

An SSP is the one who primarily works to maintain the law and order of his district properly, he is empowered to prevent every kind of crime in his district, Police Commissionerate system in metropolitan areas (Such as Delhi Police, Mumbai Police or Hyderabad Police) where the Chief of District Police is called Deputy Commissioner of Police, and is given the rank of Superintendent. On the uniform of the Senior Superintendent of Police, the national emblem is placed above the two stars.

Physical Requirements to Become SSP?

To become SSP, the minimum height of men is required to be 165 cm and for women to be minimum 150 cm, the chest of male candidate should be 84 cm. In this, relaxation of a few cm in height and chest is provided for backward caste candidates.

Wrapping Up

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