SPMS Full Form | What Does SPMS Stand For?

What is SPMS, what is the meaning of SPMS, SPMS full form, what does SPMS mean, what is the full form of SPMS, What is the full form of SPMS in Business Management? Expand the full name of SPMS. What does SPMS stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding SPMS including SPMS full form.

SPMS Full Form in Business Management

Surplus Property Management System

The Surplus Property Management System (SPMS) is an electronic solution for submitting items to the Surplus Property Warehouse. Security Access Requirements: Users, Managers, and Administrators must have an Onyen ID and. email address in the UNC directory.

Other Full Forms of SPMS

Full FormCategoryTerm

Secondary Progressive

Multiple Sclerosis

Business ManagementSPMS

School of Physical and

Mathematical Sciences

Academic ScienceSPMS

Special Purpose

Manipulator System

Space ScienceSPMS
Spare Part Managed ServiceMiscellaneousSPMS

Scientific Programme

Management System

Business ManagementSPMS

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