SO Full Form | What is the Meaning of SO?

What is SO, what is the meaning of SO, SO full form, what does SO mean, what is the full form of SO? Expand full name of SO. What does SO stand for? Is it acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding SO.

SO Full Form - Significant Other

The Significant Other (SO) is a person with whom you are in an intimate relationship. So, generally, this term is used to refer to one’s better half (husband or wife). However, the term does not refer to gender and does not specify the nature of the relationship.

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SO Full Form in Jobs & Career

Safety Officer

A Safety Officer is the one who take care of all safety measures inside a manufacturing plant/company. Generally, you can find safety Officers in the field of Oil & Gas companies, Steel Manufacturing companies etc.

SO Full Form in Job Roles

Sales Officer

This term is used to refer to a salesperson or the leader of sales department of a company/organization. A salesperson is a person who is responsible to increase the sales revenue of the company.

SO Full Form in Chemistry

Sulfur Monoxide

Sulfur Monoxide is an inorganic compound having the formula SO.

SO Full Form in Job Titles

Senior Officer

A System Operator (SO) is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the reliable delivery of power and safety of the entire system. The SO also manages the power grid from a set of computer consoles within the control center.

SO Full Form in Job Titles

Senior Officer

Senior Officer (SO) refers to a senior employee in an organization/company.

Other Full Forms of SO

Full FormCategoryTerm
Security OfficerBankingSO
Sub OfficeBankingSO
Satellite OfficeBankingSO
Sort OfMessagingSO
Shout OutMessagingSO
Special OfficerJob TitleSO
Stack OverflowComputer Assembly LanguageSO
Stock OptionStock ExchangeSO
Strike OutSportsSO
Safety ObserverMilitary and DefenceSO
Silent ObserverMilitary and DefenceSO

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