SMC Full Form | What is SMC?

What is SMC, what is the meaning of SMC, SMC full form, what does SMC mean, what is the full form of SMC? Expand the full name of SMC. What does SMCstand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding SMC including SMC full form.

SMC Full Form in Education - School Management Committee

SMC stands for School Management Committee. School Management Committee (SMC) consists of community members and parents of students enrolled in schools. The idea behind the formation of SMC is to involve communities to play an active role in the planning, implementation, and monitoring of development programs for the school.

SMC Full Form in Computers

System Management Controller

The System Management Controller (SMC) is a chip in Intel-based Macintosh PCs that controls every electrical capacity.

In certain conditions, resetting SMC can resolve power-related issues with Intel-based Apple PCs.

SMC Full Form in Economics

Social Marginal Cost

Social Marginal Cost is the cost beared by a firm to produce one additional unit of a product

SMC Full Form in Company/Business

Social Marketing Company

SMC Full Form in Medical/Biology

Structural Maintenance of Chromosomes

Other Full Forms of SMC

Full FormCategoryTerm
Surat Municipal CorporationGujrat GovernmentSMC
Switch Management CenterTelecommunicationSMC
SAMNAPURIndian Railway StationSMC
Sweep Multi-curveElectronicsSMC
Stepper Motor ControllerElectronicsSMC
Surface-mount ComponentElectronicsSMC
Scientific Manpower CommissionSpace ScienceSMC
Staff Message ControlSpace ScienceSMC
Spatial Motion CompensationSpace ScienceSMC
Southern Mediterranean CountriesCountry SpecificSMC
Santa MariaAirport CodeSMC
Self-modifying CodeComputer Assembly LanguageSMC
Scsi (small Computer System Interface) Media ChangerComputer HardwareSMC
Site Management ConsoleComputer HardwareSMC
Smart Media CardComputer HardwareSMC
Surround Monitor ControllerComputer HardwareSMC
Symmetric Monoidal CategoryMathsSMC
Southwestern Michigan CollegeEducational InstituteSMC
Santa Monica CollegeEducational InstituteSMC
Spartanburg Methodist CollegeEducational InstituteSMC
St. Mary’s CollegeEducational InstituteSMC
Signal Management CorporationBusiness ManagementSMC
System Management ControllerBusiness ManagementSMC

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