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What is SC, SC full form, what is the full form of SC, SC meaning, Is there more than one full form of SC, what is the most popular full form of SC? You will get answer to these questions in this post.

Although there can be a number of possible full forms of SC, however two full forms are more popular and widely used in our day to day life. We will discuss them here.

SC Full Form

Arguably the most popular and widely used full form of SC in our country is “Supreme Court“. Supreme Court of India is the apexy judicial body of India. 

The Supreme Court of India is located in New Delhi, India. It is an independent body, leading the judicial system of the country. As of now, the CJI is S.A. Bobde. 

Another Full Form of SC

Another widely recognized SC full form is “Scheduled Caste“. This word is used to denote a particular caste in our country. SC has managed to get special reservation from our constitution and have some preference in Government jobs as well as Education system. 

This was done to improve their status in our society and uplift their standard of living.

Wrapping Up

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