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What is RVS, what is the meaning of RVS, RVS full form, what does RVS mean, what is the full form of RVS? Expand the full name of RVS. What does RVS stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

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RVS Full Form - Reduced Vertical Separation

Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum or RVSM is the decrease of vertical space between airplane (lessening from 2,000 feet of separation to 1,000 feet) at elevations of 29,000 feet to 41,000 feet. Consider it like a bustling interstate thruway, where you can expand limit by adding another path to the street by narrowing the current paths and redrawing the lines. RVSM was executed to securely expand airspace limit with respect to the most eco-friendly, more slender air flight levels, 29,000–41,000 feet.

Response Verification SystemMiscRVS
Remote Video SurveillanceSecurityRVS
Remote Vehicle StartVehicle & TransportRVS
Receipt Verification ServiceMiscRVS
Rabies Vector SpeciesMiscRVS
Reparto Veicoli SpecialiMiscRVS
Random Voting StageMiscRVS
Recreational Vehicle SuperstoreBusinessRVS
Rishi Valley SchoolSchoolRVS
Racquet Vibration SystemTennis (Sports)RVS

Richard Van Seenus

Respiratory Virus SyndromeMedical Science & BiologyRVS
Royal Voluntary ServiceMiscRVS
Random Variable SamplesMiscRVS
Relative Value ScaleHealthcareRVS
Rapid Visual ScreeningSpace ScienceRVS
Reduced Vertical SeparationSpace ScienceRVS
ReverseSpace ScienceRVS
Tulsa (ok)Airport CodeRVS
Raven ShieldMilitary and DefenceRVS

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