RTR Full Form/Meaning | What Does RTR Stand For?

What is RTR, what is the meaning of RTR, RTR full form, what does RTR mean, what is the full form of RTR? Expand full name of RTR. What does RTR stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding RTR including RTR full form.

RTR Full Form in Motorcycles

Racing Throttle Response

TVS Apache RTR is a series of bike launched by TVS Motors. ‘RTR’ in the names of the motorcycles refer to ‘Racing Throttle Response‘.

Other Full Forms of RTR

Real-time ReportingElectronicsRTR
Racing Throttle ResponseSportsRTR
Realized Trading ReturnsStock ExchangeRTR
RAMNATHPURIndian Railway StationRTR
Record To ReportAccounts and FinanceRTR
Remote Transmitter/ReceiverTransportationRTR
Real Time ReliableComputingRTR
Rob Transport RobFunnyRTR
RotorSpace ScienceRTR
Ready To RumbleLawRTR
Road To RecoveryPhysiologyRTR
Roll Tide RollSportsRTR
Real-Time ReportingElectronicsRTR
real-time reconnaissanceGovernmentRTR
Recruit Training RegimentMilitaryRTR
Ready To ReturnMilitaryRTR
Request Take ReleaseComputer NetworkingRTR
Real-time RingSpace ScienceRTR
Automatic Commercial Exchange Securities Trust INYSE SymbolRTR
Rear Tread RemovedTransportationRTR
Ready To RunSportsRTR
Response To RequestComputer NetworkingRTR
Response Time ReporterSoftwaresRTR
Return and Restore StatusGovernmentRTR
Revised Technical Report (ETSI)Computer and NetworkingRTR
Results Through ReferralsBusiness PositionRTR
Role Task And ReportBusinessRTR

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