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What is RPS, what is the meaning of RPS, RPS full form, what does RPS mean, what is the full form of RPS? Expand the full name of RPS. What does RPS stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding RPS.

RPS Full Form - Redundant Power Supply

RPS’s Full form is Redundant Power Supply. Redundant power supply (RPS) is a package with two or more power supply units, where each system can supply the entire amount of power. In RPS, if one fails, the other will take over and the system will never go down.

RPS Full Form in Police

Rajasthan Police Service

As the name suggests Rajasthan Police Service is a department of the Government of Rajasthan that takes care and manages Rajasthan Police.

RPS Full Form in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering

Revolutions Per Second

Revolution Per Second or Rotation Per Second is the number of rotation completed by something (wheel, motor, etc.) per second.

RPS Full Form in Finance

Relative Price Strength

Relative Price Strength (RPS) is nothing but the ratio between the price trend of a stock price compared to the price trend of the market.

RPS Full Form in Pharmacy

Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Royal Pharmaceutical Society is a body in England that supports the pharmacy profession within England, Scotland and Wales.

RPS Full Form in Hospitality/Hotels

Reputation Performance Score

It is a system and criteria to take guest feedback in hotels.

RPS Full Form in Business

Revenue Per Share

It is the amount of profit gained from one share.

RPS Full Form in IPL/Cricket

Rising Pune Supergiant

It was a team of IPL for two years in the past (2016 & 2017), led by MS Dhoni and Steve Smith. It was the 2nd team to represent Pune after Pune Warriors.

RPS Full Form in Medical

Radiation Protection Supervisor

RPS Full Form in Games

Role Playing Shooter

RPS Full Form in Banking

Recurring Payment System

RPS Full Form (in Twitter)

Relative Price Strength

There is not much information available about this term however as per Wikipedia, Real person slash (RPS), also known in some circles as a real-life slash (RLS), involves homosexual relationships. (See slash fiction for more on the subtleties and variations in definition.) These are usually complete fabrications, not based on any real-life indications of the subject's sexual orientation, but on the fantasies of the author and the desire to experiment with perceived or invented homoerotic subtext between the idols in question. Slash is roughly equal in popularity to less controversial types of real person fiction.

RPS Full Form in Physics

Radian Per Second

It is a term used to measure and refer Angular Velocity.

RPS Full Form in Retail

Retail Payment Solutions

RPS Full Form in California, US

Renewables Portfolio Standard

RPS Full Form in Gun/Weapons

Rounds Per Second

RPS Full Form in Computer

Record and Playback Subsystem

RPS Full Form in School

Rosanna Primary School

Rosanna Primary School (RPS) is a coeducational government primary school located in the metropolitan location of Rosanna, Victoria.

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