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PWT Full Form - Penn World Table

The Penn World Table (PWT) is a set of national accounts developed and maintained by scholars from the Groningen Growth Development Center of Universities of California, Davis, and the University of Groningen to measure real GDP across countries and over time.

Constant updates have added countries (currently 167), years (1950–2017) and data on capital, productivity, employment, and population. The current version of the database, version 9, thus allows a comparison of GDP per capita as a measure of standard of living, productive capacity of economies, and their productivity level. Compared to other databases, such as the World Bank’s World Development Indicators, the time period covered is larger and contains more data that is useful for comparing productivity across countries and over time.

One common thing to compare GDP in countries is to use exchange rates. However, it assumes that this relative price – based on trade products – is representative of all relative prices in the economy, that is, it represents the purchasing power parity (PPP) of each currency. In contrast, PWT uses wide prices within each country for different spending categories, whether the production is traded internationally (eg, computers) or not (eg, haircuts).

These detailed prices are combined into the overall relative price level, commonly known as the country’s PPP. The detailed prices used to calculate PPP are based on data published by the World Bank as part of the International Comparison Program (ICP).

One experimental finding documented extensively by PWT is the PEN effect, which finds that real GDP is understood to a greater extent when using exchange rates rather than PPP compared to GDP in countries. The most common argument to explain this finding is the Balsa – Samuelsson effect, which argues that as countries prosper, productivity increases mostly in manufacturing and other business activities. This increases the prices of wages and thus many (non-trade) services, thereby raising the overall price level of the economy. The result is that poorer countries such as China have been shown to be more prosperous on the basis of PPP-converted real GDP than exchange-rate-converted GDP.

PWT Full Form in Academic Science

Pure Water Test

Purified water is the number one raw material used in pharmaceutical manufacturing. It is used in almost every stage of the manufacturing process, from washing and cleaning to primary components in final non-intravenous product manufacturing. It is usually produced through a multi-step purification process, including ion exchange and reverse osmosis. Due to the critical nature of water and water systems, pure water testing is a regulatory requirement for routine microbiological and chemical quality assessment.

PWT Full Form in Company & Businesses

Particle Wave Technologies

Particle Wave Technologies (PWTEC) is a company further enhanced by its commitment to providing customer solutions through innovative and aesthetically pleasing application of technology.

PWT Full Form in Chat Slang

Point Well Taken

Someone's idea, suggestion, or course of reasoning makes sense, and one is willing to accept, consider, or accept it.

Other Full Forms of PWT

Full FormCategoryTerm
Personal Wireless TelecommunicationsComputer and NetworkingPWT
Hotdog Pagewiz TemplateFile TypePWT
Microsoft Pocket Word Template FileFile TypePWT
Autodesk Autocad Publish-to-web TemplateFile TypePWT
Personal WebtutorSoftwaresPWT
Bremerton (wa)Airport CodePWT
Particle Wave TechnologyPhysics RelatedPWT
Program Work TeamBusiness ManagementPWT
Professional Walleye TrailSportsPWT

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