PT Full Form & Meaning | What Does PT Stand For?

What is PT, what is the meaning of PT, PT full form, what does PT mean, what is the full form of PT? Expand full name of PT. What does PT stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding PT including PT full form.

PT Full Form in Health

Physical therapy

Physical Therapy (PT) is care that aims to ease pain and help you function, move, and live better. You may need it to Relieve pain. Improve movement or ability. Prevent or recover from a sports injury.

Other Full Forms of PT

Physical TorturerJob TitlePT
Physical TerroristJob TitlePT
Preferential TreatmentJob TitlePT
Personal TrainerJob TitlePT
Perpetual TravelerJob TitlePT
Physical TherapistJob TitlePT
Point of TangencyMathsPT
Parameterized TypeMathsPT
Permian TertiaryEarth SciencePT
Peak TorquePhysics RelatedPT
Price TargetStock ExchangePT
Physically TrainSportsPT
Pure TournamentSportsPT
Pool TimeSportsPT
Pro TrajectorySportsPT
Power TourSportsPT
Pure TortureMilitary and DefencePT
Patrol TorpedoMilitary and DefencePT
Physical TrainingMilitary and DefencePT
Private TypeMilitary and DefencePT
Plain TextMilitary and DefencePT
Plrs TerminalMilitary and DefencePT
Personal TouchMilitary and DefencePT
Peace TimeMilitary and DefencePT
Personal TrainingMilitary and DefencePT
Premium Tatkal QuotaIndian RailwaysPT
Portable radio TerminalComputer and NetworkingPT
Project Team (ETSI)Computer and NetworkingPT
PortugalCountry NamesPT
Physical TherapyHealthcarePT
Protocol TranslationNetworkingPT
Point and TalkNetworkingPT
Game Crack Player Tools FileFile TypePT
Kodak Precision Color Management SystemFile TypePT
Pitch Track Sound FileFile TypePT
Process TrackerSoftwaresPT
PATLIIndian Railway StationPT
Phase TransitionChemistryPT
Pressure TransducerChemistryPT
Peak To TroughElectronicsPT
Power TestElectronicsPT
Pivoting TweeterElectronicsPT
Positional ToleranceElectronicsPT
Potential TransformerElectronicsPT
Pacific Time [utc – 0800]TimePT
Pretty TackyMessagingPT
Primary ThreadMessagingPT
Perseroan TerbatasMessagingPT
Pass ThroughAccounts and FinancePT
Advanced Planning and Technology OfficeSpace SciencePT
Part-TimeSpace SciencePT
PintSpace SciencePT
Pitch TrimSpace SciencePT
PointSpace SciencePT
PetabyteMeasurement UnitPT
PartMeasurement Unitpt.
PintMeasurement Unitpt.

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