PRO Full Form | What is the Meaning of PRO?

What is PRO, what is the meaning of PRO, PRO full form, what does PRO mean, what is the full form of PRO? Expand full name of PRO. What does PRO stand for? Is it acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding PRO including PRO full form.

PRO Full Form - Public Relations Officer

The full form of PRO is “Public Relations Officer”. A Public Relations Officer (PRO) is in charge of public relations and communication for an organization/company. Such posts are widely used in Indian Railways. For this, it is very important to have Good English Communication and Smart outlook.

PRO Full Form in Talks


PRO is an abbreviation used for "Professional". For example, a person working in the IT industry is referred as an IT Professional.

PRO Full Form in Organization

Public Record Office

The Public Record Office (PRO) is an organization situated in the United Kingdom that forms the National Archives.

Other Full Forms of PRO

Full FormCategoryTerm
Planning and Reporting OfficerComputer and NetworkingPRO
Peer Review OrganizationHealthcarePRO
Performance Reward OptionsJob TitlePRO
Privilege, Responsibility, and OpportunityJob TitlePRO
Professional Rental OwnerJob TitlePRO
Perfectly Respectful ObedienceMilitary and DefencePRO
Personnel Recovery OfficerMilitary and DefencePRO

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