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What is PR, what is the meaning of PR, PR full form, what does PR mean, what is the full form of PR? In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding PR including PR full form.

PR Full Form - Permanent Resident

Permanent Resident (PR), Permanent Residence (PR) or Permanent Residence (PR), refers to the resident status of a person in the country in which they are not citizens. A permanent residence holds most of the rights and has many of the same benefits as a citizen of the country concerned, where they hold the status barring voting rights.

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PR Full Form in Business Relations

Public Relations

Public Relations (PR) is the practice of managing the dissemination of information between an individual or an organization and the public. It is also an art of strategic management of the relationship between an organization and its diverse public. PR focuses on promoting the image of a company or a celebrity.

PR Full Form in Web

Page Rank

Page Rank (PR) is an algorithm used by Google's search engines to determine the importance, reliability, and authority of a web pagepr full form, on a scale of 0 to 10 PageRank is named after Google co-founder Larry Page Was placed.

PR Full Form in Academic Terms

Prandtl Number

Prandtl Number (Pr) is a dimensionless number that approximates the ratio of momentum deviation (kinematic viscosity) and thermal diffraction. It is named after the German physicist "Ludwig Prantl".

PR Full Form in Games

Project Reality

Project Reality (PR) is a free game modification for Battlefield 2 (BF2) and ARMA 2 games.

PR Full Form in Country

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico (ISO 3166 Code: PR), officially the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, is a region of the United States in the Caribbean Sea.

PR Full Form in Medical Terms

Per Rectum

Per Rectum (PR) refers to the method of delivering the medicine through the rectum.

Other Full Forms of PR

PR Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryPR Terms
Posting ReferencesInternet SlangPR
Proportional RepresentationUS GovernmentPR
Public Relations OtherPR
Press ReleaseMediaPR
Partial remissionPhysiologyPR
Price ReceivedAccounts and FinancePR
Password RecoveryComputer SecurityPR
Purcell RealizationSportsPR
Procurement RegulationSpace SciencePR
Power ReferenceElectronicsPR
Pick and RollSportsPR
poor responderBritish MedicinePR
Progesterone receptorLaboratoryPR
propranololBritish MedicinePR
program requirementsGovernmentPR
Payload RecorderSpace SciencePR
Purchase RequisitionEducationPR
Progress ReportUS GovernmentPR
pulse rate,GovernmentPR
Personal RelationshipsRelationshipsPR
Picatinny RailMilitary and DefencePR
pattern recognitionGovernmentPR
Project RenewalOrganizationPR
Performance RecognitionJob TitlePR
deputy chief of staff, requirements and programsGovernmentPR
Probability of ….Physics RelatedPR
Prospera ResearchOrganizationPR
Pressure RatioSpace SciencePR
Please RetryTelecommunicationPR

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