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What is POPS, what is the meaning of POPS, POPS full form, what does POPS mean, what is the full form of POPS? Expand full name of POPS. What does POPS stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding POPS including POPS full form.

POPS Full Form in Ocean Science & Oceanography

Primary Oceanographic Prediction System

The Primary Oceanographic Prediction System (POPS) for Oceanography (Oceans) is an operational information system within DOD providing automated support for oceanographic data collection, processing, analysis, product generation, and distribution.

Other Full Forms of POPS

Patrons Of Performing StudentsAcademic SciencePOPS
Problem-Oriented Public SafetyLawPOPS
Pursuit Of Peace And SecurityMilitaryPOPS
Publically Owned Point SourcesChemistryPOPS
Primary Oceanographic Prediction SystemMeteorologyPOPS
Points of PresenceComputer and NetworkingPOPs
People Opposed to Paddling StudentsOrganizationPOPS
People Offering People SupportBusinessPOPS
papers order placement system, 4GovernmentPOPS
Power Of Positive StudentsUniversityPOPS
Port Operational Performance SimulatorMilitaryPOPS
paperless order placement systemGovernmentPOPS

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