PNPC Full Form & Meaning | What Does PNPC Stand For?

What is PNPC, what is the meaning of PNPC, PNPC full form, what does PNPC mean, what is the full form of PNPC in Chemistry? Expand full name of PNPC. What does PNPC stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding PNPC including PNPC full form.

PNPC Full Form

Poro Ninda Poro Charcha

PNPC is the acronym for “Poro Ninda Poro Charcha“. It is a Bangla term where ‘Poro’ means ‘somebody else’, ‘Ninda’ means ‘badmouthing’, and ‘Charcha’ means ‘cultivation’. Together it means an act of badmouthing others in their back! Simply put, it’s a synonym for Bengali gossip!

Other Full Forms of PNPC

Phinney Neighborhood Pre-school Co-opSchoolPNPC
P-NitroPhenyl esters of CaporateChemistryPNPC

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