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PFI Full Form

PFI full form is “Popular Front of India“. It is an extremist and militant Islamic fundamentalist organization in India, which was succeeded in 2006 by the National Development Front (NDF).

It acquired a multi-state dimension by merging with the National Development Front, Manisha Neeti Pasrai, Karnataka Forum for Dignity, and other organizations.

The PFI describes itself as a neo-social movement committed to empowering people to ensure justice, freedom, and security. The organization has various wings to cater to different sections of society including the National Women’s Front and the Campus Front of India.

What is PFI?

The PFI is a staunch Islamic party. Earlier it was known as Simi. It was banned due to the non-constitutional and radical Islamic activities of this party. The PFI was formed in the name of the rights of exploited Muslims, tribals and Dalits shortly after the organization PFI was banned in April 1977 in 2006.

When was PFI formed?

PFI was formed in the year 2006 as the main organization of National Development Front (NDF). Its headquarters is in New Delhi

Other Full Forms of PFI

  • Pay for Inclusion
  • Prospective Financial Information
  • Perishable Fruit Inspector
  • Prolonged Financial Income

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