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What is PFA, what is the meaning of PFA, PFA full form, what does PFA mean, what is the full form of PFA? Expand the full name of PFA. What does PFA stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

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PFA Full Form - Please Find Attachment

PFA’s full form is “Please Find Attachment”. The term PFA i.e. Please Find Attachment is a type of Internet-specific dialect that is used in e-mail. When an e-mail is done and any type of file is attached in the e-mail, the word PFA is used in the middle of the message to draw the attention of the reader to that attachment.

If you work in a company, you do a Progressive Report E-mail of your work, then do not put all the matter in E-mail and make an Excell or Word File of the report and attach this file in E-mail It is given and PFA is written in the message indicating to the reader that any type of file has been attached in this e-mail, this is called PFA Please Find Attachment.

PFA Full Form in Computer & Networking

Predictive Failure Analysis

PFA has full form of "Predictive Failure Analysis". This is called futuristic analysis in Hindi. A PFA is a computer network that is used to predict future failures of hardware components. It used a proprietary IBM technology to monitor future failures of hard disk drives. PFA technology relies on measuring several key parameters of drive units. It was introduced by IBM in 1992.

Full FormCategoryTerm
Postscript Font Ascii File (unhinted Postscript Font)File TypePFA
Postscript Font AsciiSoftwaresPFA
Please Find AttachmentMessagingPFA
Profit First AccountingAccounts and FinancePFA
Palmdale Final AssemblySpace SciencePFA
Paf Warren (ak)Airport CodePFA
Premiership Footballers AssociationSportsPFA
Powerhouse Fitness AssociatesSportsPFA
Professional Footballers AssociationSportsPFA
Physical Fitness AssessmentMilitary and DefencePFA
Primary Federal Agency

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