PDF Full Form – What is the Full Form of PDF?

PDF Full Form? In this post, we will know today what is the full form of PDF. Friends, you must have heard the name of the PDF too many times, but have you ever found out what the full form of the PDF is.

Friends, it will not be enough to just tell the full form of PDF, so in this post I will tell you what is a PDF, PDF full form, and some other details you should know, about PDF. Let’s know everything including PDF Full Form.

PDF Full Form

The full form of PDF is Portable Document Format. Now let’s talk about what is this pdf? Simply put, PDF is a kind of document file in which text, image, hyperlinks, embedded fonts, video etc. can be kept and can be read whenever you want.

The Acrobat company has created the PDF. You can create PDF files with the help of Adobe Acrobat software and you can read PDF files with the help of Adobe Reader software, nowadays there are many software available, you can use any software to create and read PDF files. PDFs are mainly used for document sharing.

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What is PDF?

PDF is a file format that helps to present data in a way that is independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems. Each PDF file contains a description of a fixed-layout flat document, including text, fonts, graphics, and other information needed to display it.

PDF can show all elements of the Printable Document as an electronic image which you can see, you can navigate, print, or send it to someone else. PDF files are created in Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat Capture, or many other tools applications.

You can also protect PDF files with a password. Today, most of the books are available in online PDF format. The extension of a PDF file is “.pdf”. You open the PDF file on any device, there is no change in it, it looks the same on every device.

Nowadays, many browsers also support PDF files such as Chrome and Firefox. Nowadays, you will also find many software online that you can convert PDF format to another format like HTML, SWF, MOBI, PDB, EPUB, TXT, etc.

To view and use PDF documents, you need a Free Acrobat Reader that you can easily download. Once you download the reader. Then whenever you want to see a PDF file, you just have to click on File Icon twice and then it will automatically open in Acrobat Reader.

Features of a PDF

  • Independent & Portable – PDF has been developed for this because it provides mobility and portability. You can read any PDF file using free software like Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Embeds Font in PDF – If a particular font is used in a PDF file but you want to display it exactly where you are sending it, then you can embed the font in the PDF file so that the same font will be seen there. You can also print that font.
  • Secure – It provides an easy and secure way to share data through transmission and e-mail. Users can also arrange access levels, eg your Credit Cards or Bank Account Statements are password protected.
  • Interactivity in PDF – Interactive form can also be integrated in any PDF file which can be exported or saved in Data Base by inputting data as per request.
  • Reduce File Size – You can reduce or compress the size of a PDF file without doing any Data Loss and Quality Loss. When the size of the file decreases, then sharing of data or file becomes fast.

Reading a PDF

If you have a phone or computer, you can easily read the PDF file and know what is written in it. Nowadays smartphones already have a PDF reader, if you are still unable to open the PDF file, then search by writing a PDF reader in the Play Store, many applications will be visible to you so that the PDF file can be read.

If you want to read PDF files on your computer or laptop, then a popular software for this is Adobe Reader. This software was also created by the same company that produced the PDF.

Creating and Editing a PDF

There are many Libraries available for creating and manipulating PDF Documents through programs such as –

  • Adobe PDF Library – This Library provides APIs in languages ​​like C ++, .NET and Java and using it we can edit, view print and extract text from PDF Documents.
  • Formatting Objects Processor – An open source print format operated by XSL Formatting Objects and is an Output Independent Formatter.
  • iText – iText Library provides APIs in languages ​​like Java, C # and other .NET languages. Using this library, we can create and add PDF, RTF and HTML documents.
  • JasperReports – JasperReports is a Java Reporting Tool that generates reports in PDF Documents including Value and XML Files separated from Microsoft Excel, RTF, ODT, Comma.

Other Known Full Forms of PDF

  • Pair Distribution Function
  • Pakistan Development Forum
  • Probability Density Function
  • Planetary Defence Force

Wrapping Up

In this post, I tried covering everything related to PDF including PDF full form. Now, it’s your turn. Give this nice post a favor by sharing it with your friends.

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