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What is PDC, what is the meaning of PDC, PDC full form, what does PDC mean, what is the full form of PDC? Expand the full name of PDC. What does PDC stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding PDC.

PDC Full Form in Banking/Finance - Post Dated Cheque

A post-dated check (PDC) implies the Cheque can’t be gotten the money for until that day for example it remains a bill of trade and it becomes a cheque just on the date composed on the cheque. In some countries, a post-dated cheque is asked for retail loan payments.

PDC Full Form in Electrical Engineering

Pulse Direct Current

A Pulse Direct Current is a type of current that posses the quality of both AC and DC.

PDC Full Form in Automobile/Mechanical Engineering

Parts Distribution Centre

It is a kind of warehouse from where parts of a machine/vehicle are distributed to dealers and service centers.

PDC Full Form in Healthcare/Medical

Private Diagnostic Clinic

It is a kind of private clinic owned by a person specific for small medical treatments and consultaion

PDC Full Form in Military

Point Defence Cannon

A Point Defence Cannon (PDC) is a quick discharge shot weapon utilized by all military-grade spaceships for protection against little ships and rockets.

PDC Full Form in Legal Terms

Property Development Centres

PDC Full Form in Project Management/ Construction

Planning, Design, and Construction

Other Full Forms of PDC

Full FormCategoryTerm
Personal Digital CellularComputer and NetworkingPDC
Personal Digital CommunicationsTelecommunicationPDC
Plugin Delay CompensationNetworkingPDC
Programme Delivery ControlNetworkingPDC
Primary Domain ControllerNetworkingPDC
Pointer To Device ContextNetworkingPDC
Program Delivery ControlSoftwaresPDC
Problem Domain ComponentSoftwaresPDC
Process Dependent CodeSoftwaresPDC
Pretty Darn ConfusingChemistryPDC
Passive Data CollectionElectronicsPDC
Provisional Degree CertificateCertificate/EducationPDC
Parts Distribution CenterMessagingPDC
Project Delivery CapabilityBusiness TermsPDC
Planetary Data CenterSpace SciencePDC
Predefined CommandSpace SciencePDC
Procurement Document ChangeSpace SciencePDC
MueoAirport CodePDC
Processor Dependent CodeComputer Assembly LanguagePDC

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