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What is PC, what is the meaning of PC, PC full form, what does PC mean, what is the full form of PC? Expand the full name of PC. What does PC stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding PC including PC full form.

PC Full Form - Personal Computer

The full name of the PC is Personal Computer. PC is a cheap, small size and multipurpose computer designed for just one user. No technician or special commands are required to run the PC. Even an ordinary person can run it.

Earlier, the computer was of the size of a room and it was run by several people simultaneously. But Personal Computer Technology reduced the size, cost of computers and brought the common man with the rich.

PC Full Form in Instagram/Facebook/Social Media

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PC is used in social media to let others know the person who has captured the pic posted over there.

Eg: PC - Md Danish Warsi

Other Full Forms of PC

Full FormCategoryTerm
Police ConstableIndian Police RankPC
Personal ComputerInformation TechnologyPC
Personal CommunicationsTelecommunicationPC
Personal ClusterNetworkingPC
Ibm Pc-specific Information Text FileFile TypePC
Proof CheckerSoftwaresPC
PACHORA JNIndian Railway StationPC
Pyruvate CarboxylaseChemistryPC
Propylene CarbonateChemistryPC
Powder CoatingElectronicsPC
Printing CodeBankingpc
Pretty ChancyMessagingPC
Pretty CleverMessagingPC
Personal ChatMessagingPC
Pretty CuteMessagingPC
Post A CommentMessagingPC
Pretty CoolMessagingPC
Past CaringMessagingPC
Pretty CheapMessagingPC
Principal ConsultantMessagingPC
Petty CashAccounts and FinancePC
Per CapitaAccounts and FinancePC
Professional ComponentAccounts and FinancePC
Premier CastingAccounts and FinancePC
Pitch ControlSpace SciencePC
Plane ChangeSpace SciencePC
Planetary CameraSpace SciencePC
Power ConverterSpace SciencePC
Pressure ChamberSpace SciencePC
Printed CircuitSpace SciencePC
Project ControlSpace SciencePC
Pulsating CurrentSpace SciencePC
ParsecMeasurement Unitpc
PieceMeasurement Unitpc.
Perfect CornerJob TitlePC
Personal CoachJob TitlePC
Paper CarrierJob TitlePC
Poetic ChapJob TitlePC
Personal ConsultantJob TitlePC
Privy CounsellorJob TitlePC
Perfectly ComfortableJob TitlePC
Project CoordinatorJob TitlePC
Pacific CoastCountry SpecificPC
Program CounterComputer Assembly LanguagePC
Programmable ControllerComputer HardwarePC
Paper CassetteComputer HardwarePC
Perfectly ComplexMathsPC
Polar CycloadditionMathsPC
Point of CurvatureMathsPC
Pomona CollegeEducational InstitutePC
Pikeville CollegeEducational InstitutePC
Pocket ComputerEarth SciencePC
Previously CommittedBusiness ManagementPC
Pre ChristSportsPC
Penalty CornerSportsPC
Player CoachSportsPC
Pitch ClassSportsPC
Player CharacteristicSportsPC
Paul’s ChipsSportsPC
Punt CenterSportsPC
Politically CorrectMilitary and DefencePC
Parade CommanderMilitary and DefencePC

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