ODI Full Form | What Does ODI Mean?

What is ODI, what is the meaning of ODI, ODI full form, what does ODI mean, what is the full form of ODI? Expand the full name of ODI. What does ODI stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding ODI including ODI full form.

ODI Full Form in Cricket - One Day International

The term ODI is an abbreviation associated with the game of cricket whose full form is “One Day International”. It is one of the 2 formats of cricket that is played in a day. Apart from this, it is also called “limited overs” cricket along with T20, as the overs are limited in these formats of the game.

ODIs have a total of 50 overs in an innings, while in Twenty Twenty, only 20 overs are bowled in an innings. The largest and oldest format of this game is Test cricket, which is played for 5 days. In which 90 overs are thrown daily.

ODI Full Form in Economics

Overseas Direct Investment

Overseas Direct Investment (ODI), also known as Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is a method of foreign investment. An investor investing under FDI buys a part of the management of that company and thus becomes a member of the management of that company. FDI investment in any company is known as direct investment or direct investment. This investment is considered a long term investment. Also, the investment made under FDI is considered only if the investor buys at least 10% shares of a company, along with the investor has the right to vote in the company.

One of its special things is that under this, the foreign investor can not only invest capital, but can also share some special technology of his country. Therefore, today the government has increased the foreign direct investment limit in Indian companies. So that foreign companies invest more in India, as well as new technology can also come in the country.

Other ODI Full Forms

Full FormCategoryTerm
Offshore Derivative InstrumentsBankingODI
Open Datalink InterfaceNetworkingODI
Over Due InterestBankingODI
Office of Defects InvestigationSpace ScienceODI
Optimum Daily IntakeMeasurement UnitODI
Oracle Data IntegratorDatabase ManagementODI
Offshore Derivative InstrumentStock ExchangeODI
Overseas Direct InvestmentStock ExchangeODI

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