OC Full Form & Meaning | What Does OC Stand For?

What is OC, what is the meaning of OC, OC full form, what does OC mean, what is the full form of OC? Expand the full name of OC. What does OC stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding OC including OC full form.

OC Full Form

Organic Carbon

Organic Carbon is an important soil property that influences all the other chemical, physical, and biological soil properties and functions.

Other OC Full Forms

Full FormCategoryTerm
Office in ChargeGeneralOC
Organic CarbonChemistryOC
Operation ChannelComputer and NetworkingOC
Operator CutoffTelecommunicationOC
Optical CarrierTelecommunicationOC
Optical ConnectionNetworkingOC
Object ContainerSoftwaresOC
Open CanvasSoftwaresOC
Optimal ClassificationChemistryOC
Over CurrentElectronicsOC
Optical CircuitElectronicsOC
Optical CableElectronicsOC
Open CollectorElectronicsOC
Open CircuitElectronicsOC
Operating CharacteristicElectronicsOC
Out of CharacterMessagingOC
Of CourseMessagingOC
Own CharacterMessagingOC
Outrageously CuteMessagingOC
On CenterSpace ScienceOC
On-conditionSpace ScienceOC
Operations ControllerSpace ScienceOC
Operations CoordinatorSpace ScienceOC
Orbital CheckSpace ScienceOC
OvercurrentSpace ScienceOC
Orange CountyCountry SpecificOC
Output CompareComputer Assembly LanguageOC
OverclockingComputer HardwareOC
OverclockComputer HardwareOC
Over-clockedComputer HardwareOC
Optimum CompactionMathsOC
Odessa CollegeEducational InstituteOC
Orange CoastEarth ScienceOC
Old CoherencePhysics RelatedOC
Open CupSportsOC
Open CanoeSportsOC
Offensive CrouchingSportsOC
Operations CenterMilitary and DefenceOC
Other ContingenciesMilitary and DefenceOC
Observer ControllerMilitary and DefenceOC
Ordnance CorpsMilitary and DefenceOC

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