OBC Full Form

OBC Full Form

In the most popular usage, the term OBC refers to(OBC full form is) “Other Backward classes / castes“. The term has its roots in Articles 16 (4) and 340 of the Constitution of India where the term ‘backward class’ (OBC) is used.

The backward classes include educationally and socially backward castes, and scheduled castes / tribes. As there are specific provisions for scheduled castes and tribes, the remaining section is known as other backward castes / classes.

The term OBC has become part of the social justice discourse since the Mandal Commission report came into force in 1992. The government provided 27% reservation of seats in government services and educational institutions with creamy cap.

Another Full Form of OBC

Another major, well known, and widely used full form of OBC is “Oriental Bank of Commerce“, the nation’s premier financial institution and home to everyone with your personal financial needs. The Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC) group bids an array of loans, advice and customized resources for many growing countries and countries within the transition.

Wrapping Up

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