What Is NCC Full Form? Meaning And Other Details

What is NCC, what is the meaning of NCC, NCC full form, what does NCC mean, what is the full form of NCC? Expand the full name of NCC. What does NCC stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding NCC including NCC full form.

NCC Full Form - National Cadet Corps

Whenever we talk about going into the army. So people tell us that if you do NCC then you can join the army very quickly. So let’s know what NCC is. So let’s first know what the full name of NCC is. The NCC has a full form- “National Cadet Corps“.

In particular, this NCC preparation is done for school and college students in India. The NCC is a tri-service organization comprising Army, Navy and Air Force engaged in grooming the youth of the country into disciplined and patriotic citizens. Cadet recruits from National Cadet Corps high schools, colleges and universities across India which is another military organization in India. By which cadets are given basic military training in small arms and parades.

NCC Full Form in Share Market/Company

Nagarjuna Construction Company Limited

It is a construction company established in 1978.

NCC Full Form in Banking

National Clearing Code

It's required for payments that are made to bank accounts that don't have an International Bank Account Number (IBAN).

NCC Full Form in Medical Science


Other Full Forms of NCC

Full FormCategoryTerm
Naval Commissioning CodeMinistry & DefenceNCC
Network Color CodeNetworkingNCC
Network Coordination CentreNetworkingNCC
Computer Numeric Control Control FileFile TypeNCC
National Collaborating CentreSoftwaresNCC
NCC LimitedNSE Company SymbolNCC
Nasa Class CodeSpace ScienceNCC
Nominal Corrective Combination (maneuver)Space ScienceNCC
Network Control CenterSpace ScienceNCC
National Certified CounselorJob TitleNCC
Nationally Certified CounselorCertificationsNCC
Non Canon CharacterComputer Assembly LanguageNCC
Normal Corrective CombinationMathsNCC
Nassau Community CollegeEducational InstituteNCC
Nashua Community CollegeEducational InstituteNCC
Norwalk Community CollegeEducational InstituteNCC
Northampton Community CollegeEducational InstituteNCC
Nondescripts Cricket ClubSportsNCC
Natchitoches Country ClubSportsNCC
National Coordinating CenterMilitary and DefenceNCC
Naval Component CommanderMilitary and DefenceNCC
Navy Component CommandMilitary and DefenceNCC
Navy Component CommanderMilitary and DefenceNCC
North American Aerospace Defense Command (norad) Command CenterMilitary and DefenceNCC
Naval Construction ContractMilitary and DefenceNCC
Naval Command CommissionMilitary and DefenceNCC
Naval Construction CorpsMilitary and DefenceNCC
Naval Construction ClassMilitary and DefenceNCC
Navy Command CenterMilitary and DefenceNCC
Navigation Control CenterMilitary and DefenceNCC
Naval Contract CodeMilitary and DefenceNCC
Naval Construction CommunityMilitary and DefenceNCC

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