NA Full Form | What Does NA Mean?

What is NA, what is the meaning of NA, NA full form, what does NA mean, what is the full form of NA? Expand the full name of NA. What does NA stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding NA including NA full form.

NA Full Form - Not Applicable

NA or N/A stands for Not Applicable”, also referred to as”Not declared” It is used to indicate that this particular thing is not applicable in this case.

NA Full Form in Chats

Not Available

The term NA is also used when you want to say that a certain thing is not available at the moment.

Other Full Forms of NA

Full FormCategoryTerm
North AmericanCountry SpecificNA
Non-adaptiveComputer HardwareNA
Numerical AnalysisMathsNA
Natural AmberEarth ScienceNA
Neutral AxisPhysics RelatedNA
Non-assessedReal EstateNA
Not ApprovedMilitary and DefenceNA
Nigeria ArmyMilitary and DefenceNA
Nation AssistanceMilitary and DefenceNA
Naval AcademyMilitary and DefenceNA
Network Aspects (ETSI TC)Computer and NetworkingNA
North AmericaComputer and NetworkingNA
NamibiaCountry NamesNA
Not AnsweredTelecommunicationNA
Network AddressNetworkingNA
Node AccessNetworkingNA
Network AnnihilationNetworkingNA
Sodium (natrium)ChemistryNa
Not ActiveChemistryNA
Nucleic AcidChemistryNA

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