MVA Full Form | What Does MVA Stand For?

What is MVA, what is the meaning of MVA, MVA full form, what does MVA mean, what is the full form of MVA? Expand full name of MVA. What does MVA stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding MVA including MVA full form.

MVA Full Form

Market Value Adjustment

Market Value Adjustment (MVA) is the increase or decrease in the value of the assets held by the insurance company. This increase or decrease in value can be passed on to the client to help create an annuity that can offer more client-friendly features.

Other Full Forms of MVA

Main Valve ActuatorSpace ScienceMVA
Megavolt AmpereSpace ScienceMVA
Mega Volt AmpMeasurement UnitMVA
Market Value AppraiserJob TitleMVA
MyvatnAirport CodeMVA
Manitoba Volleyball AssociationSportsMVA
Multipoint Visualization AchievedComputer and NetworkingMVA
MALAKA VEMALAIndian Railway StationMVA
Manufacturing, Value AddedMessagingMVA
Market Value AddedAccounts and FinanceMVA

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