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What is MSP, what is the meaning of MSP, MSP full form, what does MSP mean, what is the full form of MSP? Expand full name of MSP. What does MSP stand for? Is it acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding MSP including MSP full form.

MSP Full Form - Minimum Support Price

The full form of MSP is “Minimum Support Price”. India is an agricultural country, MSP is related to the lowest price of the crop of the farmer. Through this, the government has put a rule to increase the price of food grains every year.

The MSP was approved on 24 December 1964 but was not implemented at the same time. B Sivaraman, who was the then Secretary to the Government of India, gave the final seal on 19 October 1965, after which the minimum support price for wheat, i.e. MSP, was announced for the first time in 1966-67. Every year since then, governments have started with the announcement of the minimum support price for crops. The support price is announced just before the sowing of crops.

MSP Full Form in Service Providers

Managed Service Provider

Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) is a degree granted to selected individuals working in the Scottish Parliament.

MSP Full Form in Communication

Message Send Protocol

The Message Send Protocol (MSP) is an application layer convention that is utilized to send a short message between hubs on a network/organization.

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