MR Full Form & Meaning | What Does MR Stand For?

What is MR, what is the meaning of MR, MR full form, what does MR mean, what is the full form of MR? Expand full name of MR. What does MR stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding MR including MR full form.

MR Full Form in Name Title

Mr is a conventional title of respect for a man, prefixed to the name and to certain official designations (usually written as the abbreviation Mr.). Informal. sir (used in direct address and not followed by the name of the man addressed): Mister, is this your bike?

Other Full Forms of MR

Full FormCategoryTerm
Marginal RevenueAccounts and FinanceMR
Management ResultAccounts and FinanceMR
Mirror ReflectorSpace ScienceMR
Medium RateSpace ScienceMR
Main RingSpace ScienceMR
Master ResetSpace ScienceMR
Material ReviewSpace ScienceMR
Mission ReportSpace ScienceMR
Mixture RatioSpace ScienceMR
Magic RatingMeasurement UnitMR
Mr. RightJob TitleMR
Medical RepresentativeJob TitleMR
Motorola RepresentativeJob TitleMR
Magic ReturnComputer Assembly LanguageMR
Memory ReadComputer Assembly LanguageMR
Multiple RecordDatabase ManagementMR
Masked Rom (read Only Memory)Computer HardwareMR
Modem RiserComputer HardwareMR
Minimum ResidualMathsMR
Multiple RegressionMathsMR
Moving RangeMathsMR
Matrix RenumberingMathsMR
Mcquarrie’s RockEarth ScienceMR
Minimal RelativityPhysics RelatedMR
Magneto RheologicalPhysics RelatedMR
Maximal ReachablePhysics RelatedMR
Medium RunnerSportsMR
Middle ReliefSportsMR
Medley RelaySportsMR
Mountain RiderSportsMR
Mitsubishi RacingSportsMR
Milk RunMilitary and DefenceMR
Material RequirementsMilitary and DefenceMR
Machine RoomMilitary and DefenceMR
Market ResearchBusinessMR
Memory RecallComputingMR
Mode RequestComputer and NetworkingMR
Modified ReadComputer and NetworkingMR
MultiRateComputer and NetworkingMR
MauritaniaCountry NamesMR
MARTURIndian Railway StationMR
Mica ReactiveChemistryMR
Molar RefractivityChemistryMR
Moderately ResistantChemistryMR
Magnetic ResonanceElectronicsMR
Microwave RadiometerElectronicsMR

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