MIV Full Form & Meaning | What Does MIV Stand For?

What is MIV, what is the meaning of MIV, MIV full form, what does MIV mean, what is the full form of MIV? Expand the full name of MIV. What does MIV stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding MIV.

MIV Full Form in Oil & Gas- Manifold Isolation Valve

Main Isolation Valve is a type of valve that is widely used in Oil & Gas industry to serve the desired purpose.

MIV Full Form in Valve/Power House

Main Inlet Valve

Main Inlet Valve is a spherical valve installed just before water enters into a spiral casing of the hydro turbine.

MIV Full Form in Construction Business

Main Instrument Vendor

Main Instrument Vendor (MIV) is an agreement set with a solitary instrument expert accomplice to give an absolute answer for a venture, including valves.

MIV Full Form in Finance

Microfinance Investment Vehicle

Microfinance Investment Vehicle Rating gives a free and master assessment on The consistency and sufficiency of the speculation approach of the asset, consistent with financial specialist's desires and adequacy of its danger the board approach corresponding to the venture technique.

MIV Full Form in SAP

MIV Process

MIV process is a process of Materials issuance and return to the warehouse in SAP MM.

MIV Full Form in Chat Slang/Social Media

Make Invincible Visible

MIV Full Form in Fashion & Cosmetics

Media Impact Value

MIV Full Form in Hospitality

Master Internet Volunteer

MIV Full Form in Medical

Maximal Isocapnic Ventilation

Other Full Forms of MIV

Full FormCategoryTerm
Multipoint Indication VisualizationComputer and NetworkingMIV
Motif Image ViewerSoftwaresMIV
Master Internet VolunteerJob TitleMIV
Millville (nj)Airport CodeMIV
Market Implied VolatilityStock ExchangeMIV

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