KGF Full Form – What is the Full Form of KGF?

There are many parts in India, where natural wealth is found. Natural wealth is available in every country, it is found in small quantities in a country, then it is found in a large amount in a country.

Countries where Gold mines are found in large amounts are very rich, and countries where it is found less are poor. Natural wealth has still not been discovered in some countries.

Scientific activities are being done on a large scale in those countries. In future, this natural wealth can be used in those countries. It has been seen in many places in India.

KGF is one such place. On this page, information about the full form of KGF, what is meant by KGF, is being provided.

Full Form of KGF

The full form of KGF is “Kolar Gold Fields“. It is a world famous mining area. The name became so popular that a film was also produced on it.

The film was produced by Prashanth Neel. It is considered to be one of the most famous mines of India till date. Gold is produced here in India.

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KGF Meaning

KGF stands for Kolar Gold Fields, a gold mining area located in Bangarapet taluk in Kolar district of Karnataka state in India. A lot of gold is found in this area. It is one of the major gold mines of India.

This mine was costing more to produce gold due to which this mine was closed by the Government of India in the year 2001.

The quantity of gold in this mine is more in depth, due to which more risk and more money is required to be spent there. Due to the excess of these two, it has been decided to close this mine.

KGF History

KGF is a famous name in Karnataka. Many years ago, it was considered to be a very famous place for gold. This place was also discussed abroad. It is the second deepest gold mine in the world.

The weather in the area around here was always good, due to which the British preferred to stay there more. British population was more here and hence it was also known as “Little England”.

The atmosphere in this area was very good. At present, the British bungalows, well planned roads and structures can be easily seen here.

A golf course for British employees was also established here in the year 1885. At present, it has been registered under the Indian Golf Association.

Facts about KGF

  • One of the famous temples of Lord Shiva in KGF area is Kotilingeshwar, its distance from KGF is 5 km.
  • The first hydroelectric plant in India was set up at Shivanasamudra here to provide electricity to KGF.
  • The head office of the National Mining Institute of India is also located in KGF.
  • Silicosis is caused by dust generated during mining, due to which many diseases are caused in human lungs. This silicosis was first found at the time of mining of KGF. The dust from mining was tested on a very large scale.
  • In 1965, the world’s first cosmic ray neutrino was exchanged at a joint project of KGF India, Japan and Britain.
  • The world’s longest passenger rail, the “Swarna Express”, was started from KGF to Bangalore.

KGF Movie Story

KGF Chapter-1 is a Kannada-language action movie, with its director Prashant Neel Ji. The film was released in 2018 and the film created a buzz in the cinema world.

It is known from the name itself that this film is the first part but despite being the first part, the film has become very popular due to its dialogue and actor’s acting.

The KGF tunnel is one of the world’s second longest gold tunnels. KGF Movie is the story of a boy who took a lot of steps to fulfill the promise made to his mother.

KGF part to is expected to be released in the nearby future.

Other Full Forms of KGF

Full FormCategory
Kelowna Gospel FellowshipGeneral
Keratinocyte Growth FactorPhysiology
Kids Gourmet FoodFood & Nutrition
Kilogram FeetUnit Measures
KingfisherLondon Stock Exchange
Known Good FiberGeneral
Kolar Gold FieldsRegional
Kredi Garanti FonuGeneral
KriegsGeFangene (Prisoner of war)Nazi Regime
Krishi Gobeshona FoundationFoundations

Wrapping Up

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