Full Form of OPS | OPS Meaning

In this post I will talk about the full form of OPS. While there can be a number of full form of OPS, There are 2-3 that are widely recognized and used. So let’s get started without any delay.

Full Form of OPS

OPS - Office of Public Safety

The “Office of Public Safety (OPS) is a US government agency, founded in 1957 by US President Dwight D. Eisenhower had American allies to train police forces.

OPS - Oracle Public Server

“Oracle Parallel Server” (OPS) is an Oracle add-on product that allows multiple Oracle instances to access the same database. This is particularly useful for large-scale parallel servers where hundreds of processors can simultaneously access the same database.

OPS - Optical Parking System

The Optical Parking System (OPS) takes the parking assist / parking sensor concept to a new level. It shows the position of the vehicle and the distance from obstacles on the screen.

Other Full Forms of OPS

Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryOPS
Operations Processing SystemGovernmentOPS
on-line process synthesizerGovernmentOPS
Operations CenterMilitaryOPS
OperationsUS GovernmentOPS
Operations Provides StrategicMilitaryOPS
operational protection systemGovernmentOPS
Operational SequenceSpace ScienceOPS
Other Personnel ServicesBusinessOPS
optical page readingGovernmentOPS
Optical Physical SectionPhysics RelatedOPS
SinopAirport CodeOPS
Other Permanent ShareholdersStock ExchangeOPS
Outstanding Performance SeriesBusiness PositionOPS
Operational Project StockMilitary and DefenceOPS
Ops Package SystemSoftwaresOPS
Organic Psycho SyndromePhysiologyOPS
Obp (on Base Percentage) Plus Slg (slugging Percentage)SportsOPS
Oxygen Purge SystemSpace ScienceOPS
Oceanic Preservation SocietyOtherOPS

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