MBBS Full Form In Medical

What is MBBS full form? If you have such questions in your mind. So you must read this post because in this post all the information related to MBBS Course is given. Today I will give you complete information of MBBS in Hindi through this post. Hope you like this information a lot. If you want to know and understand this MBBS, then definitely pay attention to this post.

MBBS Full Form

The MBBS full form is “Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery“. MBBS is a master’s degree after which you can become a doctor.

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What Is MBBS

MBBS is a Master Degree. MBBS is a four and a half year course in which internship is compulsory for one year, which students do after 10 + 2. If you have studied from Science said and you have 50% or more in Marks Biology, Chemistry, Physics then you can do this course.

Wrapping Up

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