LR Full Form & Meaning | What Does LR Stand For?

What is LR, what is the meaning of LR, LR full form, what does LR mean, what is the full form of LR? Expand the full name of LR. What does LR stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding LR including LR full form.

LR Full Form - Linear Regression

LR full form is Linear Regression. LR is called linear regression in Hindi. Lab’s reports are written to describe and analyze a laboratory experiment that explores a scientific concept. They are usually assigned to make you capable.

Linear Regression is a basic and commonly used type of Predictive analysis. The aggregate of regression is used to examine two things.

Other Full Forms of LR

Full FormCategoryTerm
Loudness RatingComputer and NetworkingLR
LiberiaCountry NamesLR
Line RateTelecommunicationLR
LADPURAIndian Railway StationLR
Lending RateBankingLR
Liquidity RatioBankingLR
Loan RepaymentAccounts and FinanceLR
Landing RadarSpace ScienceLR
Launch RightSpace ScienceLR
Left RudderSpace ScienceLR
Lower RightSpace ScienceLR
Low RateSpace ScienceLR
Lever ReleaseSpace ScienceLR
Local RepeaterRadio ScienceLR
Load RelativeComputer Assembly LanguageLR
Load To RegisterComputer Assembly LanguageLR
Lightning RodPhysics RelatedLR
Living RoomReal EstateLR
Liverpool RummySportsLR
Locker RoomSportsLR
Locked RotorMilitary and DefenceLR
Low RangeMilitary and DefenceLR
Long RifleMilitary and DefenceLR
Logistic RegressionMilitary and DefenceLR

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