LOL Full Form & Meaning | What Does LOL Stand For?

What is LOL, what is the meaning of LOL, LOL full form, what does LOL mean, what is the full form of LOL? Expand full name of LOL. What does LOL stand for? Is it acronym or abbreviation?

LOL is a strange word that you will see on almost every social media website and you have to search around to get complete information about it, so today we will show you what LOL is in this post, LOL Full Form and LOL Meaning In Hindi are going to be described in full detail.

In today’s time, the word LOL has started to be used a lot more, and at the moment people are beginning to use it a lot in their normal life too, so you too must now get complete information about this word.

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding LOL including LOL full form.

LOL Full Form Chat Slang/WhatsApp/Social Media - "Laughing Out Loud"

It is widely used in Europe or America, but nowadays its craze has increased in India as well, due to which, whenever anyone hears Hussey or sees something funny, he immediately uses Lol. Which is why today we have written this article.

LOL means tremendous laughing, that is, when a person sees something that he feels very fast after seeing it, then we call it LOL.

This word is used very much on social media website today – because it is a small word and is very quickly understood by everyone and now we are going to know about its LOL Full Form.

If you also use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. then you also used the word LOL on all of them because in this your wasted time is not too busy and it is very easy to write.

We should not use it everywhere because no one knows what it means. Because people also understand the opposite meaning of this word which is not correct, then use it with a little thought.

LOL Full Form in Games & Entertainments

League Of Legends

This term is used in gaming.

LOL Full Form in Chat Slang/Love

Lots Of Love

This term is generally used in chatting, mostly between couples.

Other Full Forms of LOL

Full FormCategoryTerm
Lurking On LineNetworkingLOL
LOLIEMIndian Railway StationLOL
Lack of LanthanumChemistryLOL
Lots of LuckMessagingLOL
Lots of LaughsMessagingLOL
Looking On LineMessagingLOL
Lack of LaughterMessagingLOL
Little Old LadiesMessagingLOL
Laughing On LineMessagingLOL
Laugh Out LoudMessagingLOL
Laughing Out LoudMessagingLOL
Loads of LoveMessagingLOL
Love Outdated LawsMessagingLOL
Looking Over LiamMessagingLOL
Love of LifeMessagingLOL
Love of LaughingMessagingLOL
Love On LineMessagingLOL
Land of LincolnMessagingLOL
Limit of LiabilitySpace ScienceLOL

Wrapping Up

In this post, I tried covering everything related to LOL including the full form of LOL. Now, it’s your turn. Give this nice post a favor by sharing it with your friends.

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