LMV-NT Full Form | What is LMV in Driving License?

What is LMV-NT, what is the meaning of LMV-NT, LMV-NT full form, what does LMV-NT mean, what is the full form of LMV-NT? In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding LMV, LMV-NT, LMV-TR, and MGV including LMV-NT full form.

LMV Full Form - Light Motor Vehicle

LMV full form is Light Motor Vehicle. LMV is a category of driving licence in India. if you possess this license, you are legally allowed to drive light motor vehicles such as auto rickshaws, motor cars, jeeps etc on the Indian public roads.

LMV-NT Full Form

Light Motor Vehicle-Non Transport

The LMV-NT full form is "Light Motor Vehicle - Non-Transport".

You can drive a car (SUV, Sedan, Mini, Micro etc.) using this LMV-NT license. But the 2017 Supreme Court ordered that LMV-NT license holders can also drive taxis.

Is LMV & LMV-NT Same?

Yes, absolutely. There is no difference between LMV-NT and LMV, both are same class vehicles. But there is a class known as LMV TR which is different from LMV NT

LMV-TR Full Form

Light Motor Vehicle-Transport

Transport means that if you have applied for this class then you will be allowed to drive private vehicles as well as transport vehicles (white plate + yellow plates vehicles) but not heavy vehicles like trucks. The TR license has to be renewed after every 3 years.

Wrapping Up

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