LD Full Form | What Does LD Stand For?

What is LD, what is the meaning of LD, LD full form, what does LD mean, what is the full form of LD? Expand the full name of LD. What does LD stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding LD including LD full form.

LD Full Form

Lethal Dose

Lethal Dose is an indication of the lethal toxicity of a given substance or type of radiation. Because resistance varies from one individual to another, the “lethal dose” represents a dose at which a given percentage of subjects will die.

Other Full Forms of LD

Full FormCategoryTerm
Licensed DietitianBusiness PositionLD
Laboratorio de DiagnósticoMedicalLD
Liquidated DamagesLawLD
Loves DouchebagsFunnyLD
Later DudeInternet SlangLD
loaded deployability postureGovernmentLD
Lovey DoveyInternet SlangLD
Low DelayElectronicsLD
Light DutyMilitaryLD
Lighting DesignerJob TitleLD
Lady DiPopularLD
Loading DockSpace ScienceLD
Lyme DiseaseVeterinaryLD
Liberal DemocratPoliticalLD
Learning DisabledEducationLD
Labor DayOtherLD
List DesignsComputer Assembly LanguageLD
Laser DiscMediaLD
Legislative DirectorPoliticalLD
Le DevensMedicalLD
Lateral DirectionSpace ScienceLD
Lucius DarlingFunnyLD
Lippy DrywallerJob TitleLD
Low DoseVeterinaryLD
Logical DiskComputingLD
Logistic DemonstrationGovernmentLD
Laser DiodeElectronicsLD
Low DownOtherLD
Learning DisabilitiesCommunityLD
Lactic DehydrogenaseHuman GenomeLD
Lafora diseaseBritish MedicineLD
Learning DifferencesEducationLD
light disciplineGovernmentLD
Luma DevelopmentOrganizationLD
Loaded DeployabilityMilitary and DefenceLD
Line of DepartureMilitaryLD
Loop DoodleFunnyLD
LakshadweepIndian Union TerritoryLD
lactase deficiencyBritish MedicineLD
Lamborghini DiabloTransportationLD
Lincoln DouglasOtherLD
LONDA JNIndian Railway StationLD
Latist DorkFunnyLD
Lucid DreamsBusiness FirmLD
Learning DisabilityEducationLD
Labor DoulaJob TitleLD
lactate dehydrogenaseBritish MedicineLD
Long Distance Codes File (telix)File TypeLD
Logarithmic DecrementOtherLD
Ladies QuotaIndian RailwaysLD
limit of detectionBritish MedicineLD
Learns DifferentlyEducationLD
Limited DeploymentNetworkingLD
Legal DepartmentBusinessLD
Long DistanceTelecomLD
Larry DonOtherLD
List DirectoryComputer AssemblyLD
Leavenworth DirectorateMilitary and DefenceLD
linkage disequilibriumBritish MedicineLD
Leadership DeveloperMilitary and DefenceLD
launch dependabilityGovernmentLD
line drawingGovernmentLD
loading doseBritish MedicineLD
Launch DirectorSpace ScienceLD

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