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What is the JOB full form? What if you want to know the meaning of the word JOB, what is the full form of the JOB? And if you want to know the related brief, then you are in the right place.

If you want to know about the full form of JOB, then you have to read this post completely so that all your doctors will be cleared, so let’s start.

job full form meaning

JOB Full Form

The word JOB is used as short form or abbreviation in several places and thus there can be a number of full forms of JOB. However, the one we;re gonna talk about primarily is ‘Just Obey Boss (JOB)‘ which means ‘obeying the owner’s command.’

This is arguably the most popular JOB full form.

In a job, a person does some work with a fixed price and we call the job the same fix work, in Hindi we also call a job.

The word job is also used in many different Situation where its meaning also gets changed. There are many similar job words.

How is the Word Job Pronounced in Different languages

  • Hindi: जॉब
  • Urdu: نوکری
  • Gujarati: જોબ
  • Arabic: مهنة
  • Kannada: ಜಾಬ್
  • Malayalam: ജോബ്
  • Marathi: जॉब
  • Punjabi: ਜਾਬ
  • Tamil: ஜாப்
  • Telugu: జాబ్
  • Bangla: কাজ

Other Known (Possible) Full Forms of JOB

  • JOB: Jolly Observant Bright
  • JOB: Joyful Organized Brilliant
  • JOB: Jaunty Outstanding Benevolent
  • JOB: Jovial Optimistic Breathtaking
  • JOB: Judicious Obedient Brave
  • JOB: Just Over Broke
  • JOB: Jump Out of Bed
  • JOB: Journey Of the Broke
  • JOB: Job Opportunity Bank
  • JOB: Jesus Own Blood
  • JOB: Japanese Ocean Bomb
  • JOB: Just Ordinary Business
  • JOB: Just Outstanding Books
  • JOB: Just Over Book
  • JOB: Jedi Old Boys
  • JOB: Journey Of Business
  • JOB: Jail Of Boss
  • JOB: Just Obey Boss
  • JOB: Jump on Board
  • JOB: Jack of Blades
  • JOB: Job Opportunity Bulletin
  • JOB: Jackin Off Bruthas
  • JOB: Just On Board
  • JOB: Just Off-Broadway
  • JOB: Join Our Bureaucracy
  • JOB: Jesus Oriented Business

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