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What is ITS, what is the meaning of ITS, ITS full form, what does ITS mean, what is the full form of ITS, What is the full form of ITS in Engineering, Science, and Technology? Expand the full name of ITS. What does ITS stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding ITS including ITS full form.

ITS Full Form in Computer Science & Engineering - Information Technology Sector

Information Technology Sector, generally termed as IT Sector is a field in engineering that deals with all the aspects of information technology.

ITS Full Form in Education

National Alliance of Basketball League

The National Alliance of Basketball League (NABL) was formerly played in the United States. It was a basketball league based in the United States.

ITS Full Form/Meaning in Chat/Texting


This is a term meaning "iska" or "apna" in Hindi. It is used in sentences like this -

Sentence: This was done to enable NABARD to increase its leverage.

Meaning: ऐसा इसलिए किया गया था जिससे कि नाबार्ड अपनी उत्तोलक-शक्ति बढ़ा सके। 

ITS Full Form in UPSC CSE Exam

Indian Trade Service

Indian Trade Service (ITS) is a group A civil service, specialized cadre to handle India's international trade & commerce. The ITS is controlled by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce.

ITS Full Form in Income Tax

Income Tax Statement

It is a statement of income tax filed by citizens of a country.

ITS Full Form in IoT

Intelligent Traffic System

It is a modern traffic system designed using sensors to ensure the best experience and zero accidents.

ITS Full Form in Medical Terms

Independent Tribunal Service

ITS Full Form in Computer Subject

Information Technology & Services

Full FormCategoryTerm
Institute for Telecommunications SciencesComputer and NetworkingITS
Intelligent Transport SystemComputer and NetworkingITS
Institute for Telecommunication SciencesTelecommunicationITS
Internet Document SetFile TypeITS
Integrated Tertiary SoftwareSoftwaresITS
Instrumentation Telemetry StationSpace ScienceITS
Interim Teleprinter SystemSpace ScienceITS
Information and Technology ServicesTechnologyITS
Information Technology SupportTechnologyITS
Information Technology SecurityTechnologyITS
Integrated Test ScheduleMilitary and DefenceITS
Intermarket Trading SystemBusinessITS
inventory tracking system, 11GovernmentITS
Internet Document SetFile TypeITS
individual training strategyGovernmentITS
Institute of Transportation StudiesOtherITS
Internal Transcribed SpacerLawITS
International Turnkey SystemsInternational BusinessITS
Institute for Telecommunications SciencesComputer and NetworkingITS
individual training standardGovernmentITS
intelligent tutor systemGovernmentITS
interactive terminal systemGovernmentITS
Integrated Test ScheduleMilitary and DefenceITS
Ilankai Tamil SangamOrganizationITS
Institut Teknologi Sepuluh NopemberUniversityITS
Internationalization Tag SetOtherITS
Incompatible Timesharing SystemOtherITS

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