IMP Full Form & Meaning | What Does IMP Stand For?

What is IMP, what is the meaning of IMP, IMP full form, what does IMP mean, what is the full form of IMP? Expand full name of IMP. What does IMP stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding IMP including IMP full form.

IMP Full Form

IMP is an abbreviation of “important”. “Important” is an adjective meaning ‘of great significance or value’.

IMP Meaning in Fairy Tale/Story

An imp is a European mythological being similar to a fairy or demon, frequently described in folklore and superstition. The word may perhaps derive from the term ympe, used to denote a young grafted tree.

Other Full Forms of IMP

Full FormCategoryTerm
Innovative Management PartnerBusiness ManagementIMP
International Match PointSportsIMP
ImplementationMilitary and DefenceIMP
Inventory Management PlanMilitary and DefenceIMP
Individual Meal PackMilitary and DefenceIMP
Implementation and Monitoring PlanMilitary and DefenceIMP
Information Management PlanMilitary and DefenceIMP
Input Message ProcessingMilitary and DefenceIMP
Intelligence Message ProcessorMilitary and DefenceIMP
Interface Management PlanMilitary and DefenceIMP
Internet Modem ProtocolComputer and NetworkingIMP
Interface Message ProcessorTelecommunicationIMP
Internet Mail ProviderNetworkingIMP
Imp Compressed File ArchiveFile TypeIMP
Internet My PocketMessagingIMP
Imaginative Marvelous and PlayfulMessagingIMP
Its My PartyMessagingIMP
Initial Memory ProtectionSpace ScienceIMP
Interplanetary Monitoring PlatformSpace ScienceIMP
Internet Media ProducerJob TitleIMP
ImperatrizAirport CodeIMP
Logical ImpliedMathsIMP
Interactive Mathematics ProgramMathsIMP

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