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What is IDS, what is the meaning of IDS, IDS full form, what does IDS mean, what is the full form of IDS? In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding IDS including IDS full form.

IDS Full Form - Intrusion Detection System

The full name of IDS is Intrusion Detection System. IDS is a type of security software that is used to protect systems and networks from unwanted and unauthorized access. This protects the system from hackers, attackers and other dangerous attacks.

As its name, it is used to detect intrusions in networks and systems and it alerts as soon as any intrusions are found. IDS is used to detect malicious traffic in various ways.

There are two types of IDS –
1. Host based IDS
2. Network based IDS.

IDS Full Form in Politics

Istarski Demokratski Sabor

The Istrian Democratic Assembly (Croatian: Istarski Demokratski Sabor, IDS) is a political party in Croatia running mainly in Istria County.

IDS Full Form in Institutions

Institute of Development Studies

Institute of Development Studies (IDS) as an independent research institute in Brighton, United Kingdom.

IDS Full Form in Web & Internet

Informix Dynamic Server

Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) is an extensible relational database management system originally developed by Informix Software Inc., now part of the IBM Software Group database.

IDS Full Form in Defence

Integrated Defense Staff

The Integrated Defense Staff (IDS) consists of service officers, civil officers and scientists and is assigned duties, roles and functions based on the responsibilities of the integrated defense staff. The IDS and related structures are built under the provisions of the Government of India, Ministry of Defense (MoD).

IDS Full Form in Celebrities

Ian Duncan Smith

George Ian Duncan Smith (IDS) is a British conservative politician.

Other Full Forms of IDS

Full FormCategoryTerm
Internal Detection SystemComputer HardwareIDS
Inter Dimensional SecuritiesStock ExchangeIDS
Investor’s Diversified ServicesStock ExchangeIDS
Individual Deployment SiteMilitary and DefenceIDS
Integrated Deployment SystemMilitary and DefenceIDS
Interface Design StandardsMilitary and DefenceIDS
Information Display SystemMilitary and DefenceIDS
Intermediate Direct SupportMilitary and DefenceIDS
Interface Design SpecificationMilitary and DefenceIDS
Integrated Defense & SpaceMilitary and DefenceIDS
Intercept Detection SystemMilitary and DefenceIDS
Imperial Death SquadMilitary and DefenceIDS
Impact Discarding SabotMilitary and DefenceIDS
Integrated Directory ServiceComputer and NetworkingIDS
Integrated Delivery SystemHealthcareIDS
Information and Decision SciencesEducational DegreeIDS
Information Directory ServiceTelecommunicationIDS
Informix Dynamic ServerNetworkingIDS
Internet Distribution SystemNetworkingIDS
Ida Imported Names FormatFile TypeIDS
Integrated Diagnostic SystemSoftwaresIDS
Isi Document SolutionSoftwaresIDS
ISHARDASPURIndian Railway StationIDS
Interactive Diagnostic SystemElectronicsIDS
Interface Data SheetSpace ScienceIDS
Item Description SheetSpace ScienceIDS
Internals and Data StructuresDatabase ManagementIDS

Wrapping Up

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