GRN Full Form & Meaning | What Does GRN Stand For?

What is GRN, what is the meaning of GRN, GRN full form, what does GRN mean, what is the full form of GRN? Expand full name of GRN. What does GRN stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding GRN including GRN full form.

GRN Full Form

Goods Receipt Note

The Goods Receipt Note is an internal document produced after inspecting the delivery for proof of order receipt. It’s used by stores, procurement, and finance to raise any issues, update your stock records, and to be matched against the original purchase order and supplier invoice, to allow payment to be made.

Other Full Forms of GRN

Government Reference NumberIndian GovernmentGRN
Gene regulatory networkHuman GenomeGRN
Grx Graphics Library DriversFile TypeGRN
Global Router NetworkNetworkingGRN
Global Recordings NetworkComputer NetworkingGRN
Graduate Research NetworkNetworkingGRN
Government Radio NetworkUS GovernmentGRN
Goods Received NumberBusinessGRN
Gordon, Nebraska USARegional Airport CodeGRN
Guadalupe Radio NetworkComputer NetworkingGRN
Georgia River NetworkOrganizationGRN
Drivers for GRX (graphics library)File ExtensionGRN
GURNAYIndian Railway StationGRN
Gordon (NE)Airport CodeGRN
Gene Relation NetworkHuman GenomeGRN

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