What Is FUP – FUP Full Form, Meaning & Other Details

What is FUP?

FUP is the term we see within telecom, mobile internet plan or broadband plan. Many Internet service providers maintain FUP limit in some of their plans.

You may have also seen FUP in the plan of telecom company Jio. Let’s know what is this FUP and what is the full form or meaning of FUP.

Full Form Of FUP

The full form of FUP is ‘Fair Usage Policy’. It means that any broadband or mobile Internet has to be used appropriately.

fup full form and meaning

What Is FUP - The Meaning Of FUP

Fair Use Policy (FUP) is a type of data limit imposed by a telecom or broadband company in its user tariff plan. The FUP Limit can be maintained by an Internet Service Provider (ISPs) to reduce unnecessary load on the network.

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When the FUP limit is kept in an Unlimited Usage Plan, when the user reaches a fixed limit or the data limit, then his internet speed is reduced. It is also called Data Cap or Bandwidth Cap. For example, in many mobile internet plans, up to 1.5 GB can use high speed internet, after which its speed decreases.

FUP In Jio - Jio To Non Jio FUP Means

Apart from data plan, FUP limit can also be given in calling. Similarly, with all tariff plans of Jio, you can make Jio calls from Unlimited Jio, but in this, Minutes are given with FUP for Jio To Non Jio calls. This means that these minutes are used when calling from Jio to other networks.

Hopefully you have got this information about what FUP is. Other similar technical information is given to you on this site. You can comment any question below.

Other Known Full Forms of FUP

  • Facility Utilization Plan
  • Family Unification Program
  • Federalna uprava policije
  • File Utility Program
  • File Utility Program
  • Firenze University Press
  • First Unpaid Premium
  • First Usage Phase
  • Fixed Unit Price
  • Follow-Up Post
  • Fraction Unbound in Plasma
  • Free Unit Packs
  • Frequently Used Program
  • Freshmen Urban Program
  • Full Upright Position
  • Fundación Universitaria de Popayán

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